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Personal History/Declarations

Personal History Declarations

A Due Diligence Investigation is required for every 1st time application for a gaming license, and then every 5 years thereafter

Complete the Personal Declaration III (PDF III) if you are applying for a license for

·       Gaming machine owner/operator

·       Agent or franchisee of permit holder or licensee

·       Manager or supervisor for a permit holder or licensee

·       Technical Service Provider

·       Any other significant involvement with the activities of a licensee as determined by the BGLC

Complete the Personal Declaration II (PDF II) if you are a/an

·       Bookmaker’s betwriter

·       Prescribed premises worker

·       Gaming premises owner/operator

·       Off track terminal operator

·       Racing promoter terminal operator

If you have stayed in a foreign country for 6 months or more, complete the Personal History Disclosure Form: Multi-Jurisdictional

Personal History Forms for Due Diligence Investigations 

Personal Declaration Form II

Personal Declaration Form III

Personal History Disclosure Form - Multi-Jurisdictional  - Download and Print To Complete Offline