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Requirements for Conducting Prize Competitions

Requirements for Conducting Prize Competitions

All applications should be submitted to the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission at least fourteen (14) days prior to any advertisement of the competition. Applicants must submit details of each competition including at lease the following :-

  • Name of Competition
  • Commencement date of Competition
  • Final Date of Competition
  • Rules/Machines
  • Method of selection of winners
  • Method of notification of winners
  • Date(s) of selection
  • Details of prize(s)
  • Copy of promotional advertisement (Flyers, Newspaper, Radio & Television publications)
  • Claiming period


Approvals, if granted, will include requirements that the names of prizewinners are to published and evidence of the proof of payment of prizes is to be submitted to the Commission, which will reserve the right to observe the selection of prizewinners.

Promoters who are granted approval will be required to include the following statement in at least one medium that is used to advertise the promotion:- "Authorized under Section 58(3) of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act".