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Licensing and Registration

Licensing & Registration may be considered the cornerstone of the Commission’s regulatory system. The Division is responsible for the granting and issuance of licences and ensures    that all licenced operators withing the gaming indusrty are complaint; with regards to the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Act.

The Division is responsible for processing applications for the granting of:

  • Bookmakers permits,
  • licences for betting outlets, lotteries and lottery outlets, gaming machines, gaming and betting lounges

In addition the Division also grants approvals for prize competitions.

Compliance and Regulatory

The Compliance and Regulatory Division is responsible for promoting, auditing and monitoring compliance with all applicable legislation, regulation, policies and directives under the authority of the Betting, Gaming & Lotteries Act and Regulation. The division conducts compliance reviews and on-site inspections as well as revenue audits to ensure operators/licensees accurately report gaming revenue and pay the applicable taxes to the Government of Jamaica.


The Enforcement Division is committed to enforcing regulations of the gaming industry and the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act (BGLA) to ensure the protection of government and other stakeholders' revenues, and guarantee that all licensees are fit and proper to work in the Gaming industry.



  • Executive Directors Office
  • Legal Services
  • Communications and Research
  • Internal Audit

Human Resource and Administration


Information, Communications and Technology