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The Amendments to the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Act (BGLA) which came into effect on June 22, 2010, have been several years in the making and herald a new era for Jamaica’s Gaming Industry as a whole, affecting the sectors within the Industry: Betting, Gaming, Lotteries and also to Prize Competition licensing. These industry wide changes were made for a number of reasons. Firstly, the BGLA was outdated, having not been amended since 1975. The technology for gaming has developed dramatically since the Act was formulated, and continues to do so at a rapid pace, and a complete overhaul of the BGLA was needed to bring us in step with the possibilities and opportunities available in the 21st Century. Further, the international standards of gaming operation, regulation and monitoring had evolved greatly over the past 35 years. Today we embrace a new vision for modern, well controlled gaming in our nation.

The 2010 Amendments to the BGLA paves the way for the expansion of the local gaming industry to include internationally acceptable types of games, and cutting edge ways that games may be played. Technology has opened up the playing field for gaming and affords every adult the opportunity to participate by more convenient means.

The amended BGLA will also bring with it new Regulations to accommodate these developments in the international gaming industry and address technical issues as well. This includes more effective monitoring and control of licensees and punters, to protect the public and the nation from fraudulent activities. Additionally the Amendments allow the BGLC to further extend their due diligence research into applicants in some gaming sectors that previously went unchecked.

Documents listed below details past amendments: